stpal-storymap-screenshot-croppedBasic locations of STPAL properties are noted on this draft story map (a work in progress) and until the map is finalized, we offer links below which contain images and descriptions of the property. All of our properties have at least 3 conservation values and are protected for:

water quality protection | erosion reduction | wildlife habitat protection | maintaining forest & farm lands | outdoor recreation | educational opportunities | archaeological, historic value

Stewardship – there are two primary aspects of the stewardship of our properties.

  1. First, we secure permanent conservation protection status on properties through deed restrictions and then we use the conserved land to provide a community benefit. The conserved land can either be owned by an individual entity and we are just engaged to monitor the conservation easement agreement. Or a landowner could outright donate the deed restricted property to us via a fee simple real estate transfer. To date, all of our projects have been fee simple donations so we hold title to the properties. Outright owning the land is ultimately much simpler for us and allows more opportunity to meet the second part of our mission – providing public benefit.
  2. The public benefit component will vary for each property based on the location, condition, and attributes of the property and the specific needs of the nearby community. For example, an urban parcel might be utilized as a community garden and quiet area, while a large suburban tract might be best used for walking trails, habitat improvement, environmental education and outdoor recreation.

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