From the Executive Director…

Find downloads of our seasonal newsletters from the Executive Director below. Check out facebook and the news feed for more current updates on our work and conservation issues and opportunities that we follow.

Fall 2014

STPAL’s newest land acquisition that we are tentatively calling “The Boot,” named after the shape of the property boundary, is located in Douglasville, GA, and contains 85 acres of forestland. Read full newsletter.

Winter 2015

It has been an exciting end to 2014 for STPAL, acquiring 7 new properties totaling over 2,500 acres! With these additions, STPAL has now proudly conserved a total of 5,375 acres on 17 separate properties. Read full newsletter.

Spring 2015

Spring is here and the STPAL properties are full of life. The pictures below are from The Boot Nature Preserve in Douglas County, Georgia. These boulders in the creek separate our parking area from the trail system. Read full newsletter.

Spring 2016

We are accredited! STPAL undertook the important process of applying for Accreditation status through the Land Trust Accreditation Commission. This process took us about two years from the very start until we were notified in February. Read full newsletter.

2020 Fall Newsletter

We recently worked together with Chattahoochee Riverkeeper, Osprey Initiative and Google to install a trash trap in Anneewakee Creek. Trash is a major problem for our waterways and this innovative solution is helping stop trash in its tracks. Read full newsletter.