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Pictures tell our story

If you are just discovering our organization, make sure you browse our photo gallery to get a glimpse of the properties we conserve. Many have tremendous assets already and on others we will cultivate environmental education to share with you.   

Why we work

So we have started a new year. We are still working on uncompleted projects from years past. We are sorting through exciting new opportunities. We are tired from December’s hectic work of completing six real estate closings through which we received the donation of… Continue Reading “Why we work”

Big news in Douglas County GA

A new passive park is being created in Douglas County Georgia! DouglasBoot1 DouglasBoot2  

Value of Conservation Land for Communities

  Value of Conservation Land for Communities 05 29 15 I recently had two very frustrating conversations with a property tax agent in a huge Metro Atlanta area county. He kept insisting that our conservation land was nothing more than a vacant lot. I… Continue Reading “Value of Conservation Land for Communities”

Public Use of Conservation Land

Public Use of Conservation Land Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.  John Muir This is a follow up blog regarding how STPAL balances our sometimes… Continue Reading “Public Use of Conservation Land”

How the Georgia coast was saved

This originally appeared in the Saporta Report http://saportareport.com/   This week guest contributor Paul M. Pressly, director of the Ossabaw Island Education Alliance, provides a brief history of efforts to protect Georgia’s coast, and reminds us why the coast matters. By Paul M. Pressly Paul M. Pressly… Continue Reading “How the Georgia coast was saved”

Pollinator Project

 The Pollinator Project   STPAL formed in 2012 as an organization with the mission of creating new public parks. As of December 2014 STPAL has conserved and holds ownership of 5,500 acres of property in 17 tracts from SE Georgia into NW North Carolina.… Continue Reading “Pollinator Project”

Winter 2015 Newsletter

2015 STPAL Winter Newsletter final It has been an exciting end to 2014 for STPAL, acquiring 7 new properties totaling over 2,500 acres! With these additions, STPAL has now proudly conserved a total of 5,375 acres on 17 separate properties. Among these new properties… Continue Reading “Winter 2015 Newsletter”

Ginger Creek Nature Preserve

    This is 928 acres of forest land in Caldwell County, North Carolina that we are tentatively calling “Ginger Creek Nature Preserve” Our first planned project will be to mark the existing trails and then build some more.  This particular forest may contain the following… Continue Reading “Ginger Creek Nature Preserve”

We got the Boot!

October 3, 2014 Today we got the Boot! STPAL’s newest land acquisition that we are tentatively calling “The Boot,” named after the shape of the property boundary, is located in Douglasville, GA, and contains 85 acres of forestland. The Boot is important for conservation… Continue Reading “We got the Boot!”