Talking Rock Nature Preserve


Location: Pickens and Gilmer counties, Georgia

This property was donated to us in 2012. Acreage: 220 acres of forest land.

We are building a park here!

Please see the Talking Rock Nature Preserve Park page for current status of this project.


5 Comments on “Talking Rock Nature Preserve

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  2. is there a fundraising contact specifically for TRNP?? I would like to learn how i could contribute..

    • Thank you for sharing your interest in support of the park! Be on the lookout for an email today with our fundraising contact’s information.

  3. Is there any information about the proposed disc golf course – I would love to be involved in the building, installation, any work days, designing of the course even … I’m an avid disc golfer for many years. Also – love love love the bike trails !!! We rode 4 hours on Memorial Day and had a blast.

    • Hi Stewart- It is still a hope to have a disc course, but we haven’t been able to rally enough local support. We’ve had multiple individuals step forward over the last couple of years but nothing substantial. Our organization is very small so we need a lot of help. The trails are maintained by a large group of volunteer committed mountain bikers. We might look back into a course in the fall or next year, if you want to start forming a group of disc players. But for now our talking rock focus is on environmental stewardship work after being focused primarily on public recreation. Bill

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