Brantley Nature Preserve

Providing greenspace while protecting the natural forest environment

Brantley County
Camden County
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This property was donated to STPAL in 2015 and is +/- 753 acres. This tract is wooded and is generally bounded by equally wooded land on all sides. The Property is in the northern portion of King’s Bay. It originally was composed of bay swamp and a small amount of drier ground on the eastern and western fringe and in the small ridges in the middle. This is one of many large, swampy depressions throughout this region.  Many are bounded by NE/SW trending sand ridges left by old ocean terraces formed as the Atlantic Ocean changed over time. There is a county unpaved road (Kings Bay Rd.) that forms the northern boundary of the tract.

Past usage of the tract has been primarily timber and historically free-range cattle and hog foraging. Possibly some naval stores were produced in original timber stands. Timber, mostly slash pine, cypress, gum, and bay, has been harvested several times in the past. Approximately 60% of the Property has had some harvesting in the last 10 years. Interior roads and trails, gates on access roads, ditches for roadbed construction, and house lot and entrance gate layouts as evidence of failed housing development plans are the most visible signs of man-made features. 

The general stated intent for the future of the Property is to provide Greenspace and provide for protection and enhancement of natural forest environments and native plant and wildlife species, protection of the wetlands and aquatic resources, and an area suitable for forest and wildlife management, hiking, birdwatching, passive recreation and possible education activities related to local history and land use, natural history and natural systems.

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