Waterside Vineyard

Waterside Vineyard

This property was donated to STPAL via a fee simple deed transfer in 2016.

The Property exists as TWO naturally wooded parcels in central Bartow County, GA.  The Property is in the Etowah River Watershed near a small tributary leading to the river below Allatoona Reservoir Dam.


This 20 acre Property is composed of 1 tract approximately 19 acres in size and parcel 92, also to be transferred from the development company, that is approximately one acre in size.  Vegetation of the Property consists of typical Appalachian mixed pine hardwood forest and is generally bounded by development, natural woodland, and small landowners and is near Red Top Mountain State Park and Lake Allatoona. The Property would originally have consisted of a mix of natural hardwood and hardwood pine on the ridges trending into a white oak forest and mesic hardwood forest along the stream drains. The most distinctive features of the Property are the mixed hardwood forests and steep slopes, all noted in attached maps.  The Property is approximately 95% older mixed pine hardwood forest and 5% early successional forest and road way.


This Property has most recently been devoted to mixed timber production and was being held for possible development.  During historical times, small scale timber production occurred.  The road system consists of an unpaved woods road that enters the tract from the southeast corner along Somerset Lane.

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