Sweetwater Nature Preserve











Location: Carroll, Douglas, and Paulding counties, Georgia

This property was donated to us by a bank in 2013. Acreage: 144.

It is about 100 acres of wetlands and riparian hardwoods.

The property is west of Atlanta is an area that is moving from mostly agricultural to residential subdivisions.

STPAL will hold the Property and make it available for public benefit. However our first priority is the protection of the wetland area which makes up the majority of the property. Sweetwater Creek enters the property as a small stream and is joined by two additional streams. When it leaves the property it is an organized and substantial waterway. The areas in which the streams intersect are not defined and appear as if the streams are loosely woven together. This creates lots of little islands and changes in water flow. However when Sweetwater Creek exits the property it is fully formed and organized.


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