Pumpkinvine Creek Nature Preserve


Location: Paulding County, Georgia near Dallas

This property was donated to us by the Boyce family in 2012. Acreage: 110.

Pumpkinvine Creek NP is a triangular parcel with creek front on two sides and a high crowned hilltop in the middle.  This configuration has created 5 unique areas: swamp, wetland, high grassy field, mixed hardwood forest, and emergent pine forest. It is being used by a youth mentoring program as a home base.

We have taken a 110 acre suburban property that was once platted for 200 homes and permanently protected it from any type of development and will transform it into a community asset that will improve the quality of science education in our area.

This property also has a bit of history. It is certain that Union troops moved across and possible that they possibly camped either on or very nearby this property just prior to the Battle Of Dallas.  http://www.nytimes.com/1864/06/15/news/gen-sherman-s-army-details-of-recent-movements.html

Historical marker located just off the property along HWY 278: http://img.groundspeak.com/waymarking/3e3b5378-cc38-49a5-8ac1-fdbaed525947.jpg

The site is being used by another public charity for their programming.


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  1. Was Pumpkinvine Creek once a boundary line (unofficial) for the Cherokee lands?

    • Hi- sorry for the delayed response but i still don’t know the answer. Maybe?

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