Organic Farm


This property was donated to STPAL via a fee simple deed transfer in 2016.

The 354 acre Property exists as one naturally wooded and open tract in northern Burke County, Ga.  The Property is in the Middle Savannah River Watershed with the headwater of Hatcher Branch within the eastern edge of the Property.

This tract consists of 95% old pasture and 5% wooded land and is generally bounded by small landowners and rural woodland/farmland tracts. The pasture is naturally succeeding to brush and tree saplings.  The wooded areas are small clumps of mixed pine hardwood that have been cutover in recent years.  The tract would originally have consisted of a mix of longleaf pine on the sandier uplands, including some scrub oak and other hardwood.  The lower, moister areas would have been a hardwood and mixed pine hardwood forest. The most distinctive features of the Property are the location in the Fall Line Sand Hills, an important ecological region of Georgia, and the open nature of the site.  Property features are shown in the attached maps.


This Property has most recently been devoted to pasture and farm production and was being held for possible development.  During historic times, small scale timber, livestock, and row crop production occurred.  Currently, the Property is used for outdoor recreation and natural landscape protection.  Any timber harvest in the recent past occurred in the small patches of woodland.  Legal Boundary Descriptions are shown in Attachment 1 and other attachments detail the property characteristics and juxtaposition to other features.


The road system consists of unpaved field roads that enter the tract from the north side along Collins Rd.  These trails generally follow the Property boundary and old field and fence lines.

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