Gum Branch Nature Preserve


Location: Camden County, Georgia

It was given to us in 2014. Acreage: 324.

Gum Branch Nature Preserve is just a few miles inland from Cumberland Island. The Property is in the upper reaches of Gum Branch, which is a meandering branch flowing generally eastward to waters of the Crooked River and Cumberland Sound.  It originally was composed of flatwoods type longleaf and slash pine forest with heavy blueberry and gallberry understory.  Interspersed with this type would have been open pine, wet savanna, hardwood areas containing various bays, oaks, and gums, and stream side cypress, gum, oak, and maple swamp.  It is currently in a condition consistent with its recent use as timber land. Restoring it to its native state is our primary objective. We are in the early stages of forming a community group to help with the creation and maintenance of public walking and bicycle paths.

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