Mack Road Nature Preserve

240Located in Barrow and Oconee Counties, Georgia

This property was donated to us  in 2012. It is 47 acres of forest land.

The property fronts Ga Hwy 316 which creates conservation values for scenic views and as a buffer.

STPAL will hold the Property and open it for nature-based use by the general public along designated trails and road system. The Property will be open for general public use during daylight hours for hiking and nature appreciation. During the winter of 2017 we did a selective timber harvest upon the advice of the Georgia DNR. This property has been used for timber production for over 50 years. This creates an unnaturally dense forest without diversity. We will selectively harvest trees to improve the health of the forest and create more diverse habitat areas. This property is not open for hunting or camping.

Following this harvest we will begin considering options such as a trail system and open the property for public use.

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