Camden Woods

camden woods

Location: Camden County, GA

This property was donated to STPAL in 2015; Acreage: +/- 515 acres

This tract is wooded and is generally bounded by small wooded tracts to the south and east.  Though most of the area, particularly to immediate west and south, is residential lots and similar suburban facitilites. The Property is in the upper reaches of Gum Branch, a meandering branch flowing generally north to tidal waters of the Crooked River and Cumberland Sound.  It originally was composed of pine flatwoods type longleaf and slash pine forest with heavy saw palmetto, blueberry and gallberry understory.  Interspersed with this type would have been open pine, wet pine savanna, hardwood bays and hammocks containing bays, oaks, and gums, and streamside cypress, gum, oak, and maple swamp.  The north boundary coincides with Gum Branch Nature Preserve conservation property owned by Southeastern Trust for Parks and Land.

Past usage of the tract has been primarily timber,  naval stores, and possibly free-range livestock foraging.   Timber, mostly slash pine, cypress, gum, and bay, has been harvested several times in the past.  Approximately 40% of the Property has had timber harvested and replanted with slash pine.  Interior roads and trails and forest management are the most visible man-made features.

The general intent for the future of the Property is to provide Greenspace and protection and enhancement of natural forest environment, native plant and wildlife species, protection of the wetlands and aquatic resources, and an area suitable for forest and wildlife management, hiking, bird watching, scenic enjoyment of the public.

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