Knights Bottom Conservation Easement

Natural habitat tract, north of Salacoa Creek

Gordon County, GA
Year Acquired
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Maintain the woodland, scenic, open space, and natural character

This property is protected perpetually by STPAL via a Conservation Easement. This property currently exists as one silvicultural and natural habitat tract, immediately north of Salacoa Creek, in Gordon County. Two entrances exist on the east side of the property, and multiple trail roads traverse the property. Planted loblolly pine aged at approximately 20 years covers the majority of the property. One mature hardwood-pine forest exists near the northern boundary, north of a major east/west trail road. Hardwoods also line Salacoa Creek and a small tributary to Salacoa Creek in varying widths between the creek and the planted pine. Some streambank erosion is occurring where tree buffers do not exist. Historically, the property was in agriculture in and prior to 1966, back to at least 1945. 1966 was the first year a complete property aerial photograph was found.

In the mid to late 1990’s, pines appear to have been planted, thus it appears that the currently planted pines are the first pines on the property, and as stated, are approximately 20 years old. The purpose of the conservation easement is to permanently preserve and protect the Conservation Values of the property, to maintain permanently the woodland, scenic, open space, and natural character of the property, including land and water resources, to protect the ecological integrity, biological diversity, and mosaic of riparian, wetland, and forested habitats found in this area of Georgia, and to prevent any use of the Property that will impair or interfere with the Conservation Values of the property. The Conservation Values associated with the Purpose include protecting the Coosawattee River and watershed, a priority in the Ridge and Valley Ecoregion under the State Wildlife Action Plan (SWAP) for Georgia; to protect Salacoa Creek an important tributary to the Coosawattee River, which borders the property on two sides and contains streams, springs, floodplain, wetlands and their vegetated buffers, containing important herbaceous and aquatic species that contribute to improved water quality; the preservation of the property for substantial and regular use by the public; the preservation of open space; protect 9.57 acres of delineated wetlands, and 8,599 linear feet of streams; and to protect natural habitat for fish, wildlife, plants, and ecosystems.

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