Adamson 2 Nature Preserve

A place for imagining, relaxing, and most importantly playing hide and go seek

Oconee County, GA
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Adamson Lake, GA

Grassland Property in a Growing Area of Oconee County

The property is very near Ga Hwy 53 which is a rapidly moving from mostly agricultural to residential subdivisions. As of 2021 this site is being developed into a public use birding site with extensive bird and pollinator supportive elements.

It is predominantly grass land with some remnant orchard trees and mixed hardwood stands. It contains domesticated perennial pasture grasses, including bahia grass and bermuda grass, but numerous native and exotic weed species have seeded. Some of these include blackberry, purple top grass, goldenrod and ragweed.  Due to this diversity, this old field is expected to be very useful to native wildlife. 

Open areas, particularly natural open areas with many native grass and forb species, are increasingly uncommon in the Eastern U.S.  Therefore, it is particularly important to provide as much of this habitat type as possible in natural areas and other protected areas. A number of uncommon species find these open areas useful during some, or all, of their annual cycle.  The Eastern meadowlark, field sparrow, and prairie warbler are some of particular importance that can be favorably influenced by this increasingly uncommon habitat type.

Recreation Status: 2021 and 2022 Plan and Build

Current Recreation: N/A

Planned Recreation: Birding, Hiking

Environmental Stewardship Focus: Birds and Pollinators

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2 comments to Adamson 2 Nature Preserve

  1. Glee Triplett
    February 9, 2019

    This land is supposed to be for CONSERVATION. It is not allowed to be made into a PLAYGROUND.

    • Bill Jones
      February 14, 2019

      Our mission is specifically the thing that you don’t think we should do: We own and enhance natural land for conservation, public recreation, agriculture, community development, and science education. There are other situations with other unrelated entities that may use conservation land differently such as wildlife preserves in which public use is prohibited or highly limited. But we have a more well rounded approach that was the motivation for starting the organization. Our name has Parks as the first item because involving individuals and the community on natural land is our primary mission. Our first intent was to make this tract into a park with walking / biking trails, disc golf, dog park, and as community garden area. But after meeting with Georgia Club residents they preferred keeping the land as farm land. So we happily donated this land to the Barrow County School System to be used as a demonstration farm for their agricultural program and for their FFA and 4H programs. This is a good and appropriate use of the land. The land we own around the Georgia Club was planned to be commercial on the 316 tracts and somewhat dense residential development on the Hog Mountain side.


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