Something Good is Happening in Villa Rica!

If you’ve been following STPAL’s development for a while, then you’d know that in October of 2015 we donated 160 acres of greenspace known as Connors Road Park to the city of Villa Rica.

Well, now the Villa Rica, with the help of PATH Foundation and Kaizen Collaborative, is planning to build out a 22.6-mile trail system all throughout the city known as the Gold Nugget Trail, and, of course, a major section of this trail is going to be built all throughout Connors Road Park!


While the development of these trails may be a couple years away, this is still great news!

Ever since we gave the land to Villa Rica, STPAL was hoping that the city would build it out into a proper passive recreation park, and what is a park without walking and biking trails?

The story of Connors Road Park is far from over, so expect us to keep you all up to date with any important happenings on the project.

If you are interested in how the Gold Nugget Trail system will look or how it came to then feel free to check out the presentation at the link below.



villa rica 3.jpg

villa rica 2.jpg

villa rica

July 2, 2015. Representatives from STPAL, the City of Villa Rica, and community members touring Connor Road Park. This group worked to complete the transfer of the park on October 23, 2015.

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