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Update: Burke County Nature Preserve

July 31, 2020 Burke County (Georgia) Nature Preserve Today STPAL finalized a contract to plant an additional 70 acres with long leaf pine seedlings at Burke County Nature Preserve. The planting will occur in spring of 2021. This will be the third consecutive year… Continue Reading “Update: Burke County Nature Preserve”

STPAL Mid-Year Report 2020

STPAL Mid-Year Report July 20, 2020 General Position of Organization The organization is stable and feeling fine. 2020 and 2021 projects are emerging from the Covid-19 pause. Momentum and interest for STPAL’s mission seems to be at an all-time high. Public access to nature… Continue Reading “STPAL Mid-Year Report 2020”

Trash trap installed at Turnipseed Nature Preserve!

June 06, 2020 Something good happened today! We appreciate the efforts of the Chattahoochee Riverkeeper and Osprey Initiative with funding from Google. Today they installed and will maintain a buoy and drop net trash trap just after Annawakee Creek enters STPAL’s 287 acre Turnipseed… Continue Reading “Trash trap installed at Turnipseed Nature Preserve!”

Peace in nature

With apologies to the Beatles: When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Nature comes to me. Speaking words of wisdom. Let it be. Let it be. Mission Statement: Southeastern Trust for Parks and Land makes use of natural land to foster natural… Continue Reading “Peace in nature”

Talking rock nature preserve has Reopened

As of May 1st Talking Rock Nature Preserve has reopened for public use. It is a nature preserve as it’s first priority and is not meant for heavy recreational use. Our reason for reopening is for local hikers and mtn bikers to be able… Continue Reading “Talking rock nature preserve has Reopened”

COVID19 Announcement

March 26, 2020 All STPAL sites are closed for public usage until STAY AT HOME directives end. It is unfortunate as this seems like the perfect time to get outside and enjoy nature. We initially hoped to remain open, but reevaluated after seeing reports… Continue Reading “COVID19 Announcement”

STPAL Update 02/08/2020

STPAL 2019 land acquisitions: 18 acre Cannongate Nature Preserve in Coweta County GA. It will have a parking area and +/- 2 mile loop bike/hike trail for public usage established in the first half of 2020. 35 acre Staraland Nature Preserve in Cherokee… Continue Reading “STPAL Update 02/08/2020”

Gum Branch Nature Preserve

In 2017 Southeastern Trust for Parks and Land donated 326 acre Gum Branch Nature Preserve to Camden (County, GA) Public Service Authority (PSA) and in 2019 STPAL donated an additional 33 acre contiguous tract. Gum Branch Nature Preserve is perpetually conserved natural land within… Continue Reading “Gum Branch Nature Preserve”

Talking Rock Nature Preserve 2019 chimney swift tower & nature education signage project

December 28, 2019 Funding for Chimney Swift Tower and Educational Signage provided by: Georgia Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Action Plan. Georgia’s State Wildlife Action Plan is a comprehensive strategy to conserve native species and the habitats they need before these animals, plants and… Continue Reading “Talking Rock Nature Preserve 2019 chimney swift tower & nature education signage project”

Cannongate Nature Preserve created following donation of natural land to STPAL

December 27, 2019 Great news! The Southeastern Trust for Parks and Land received the donation of 18.5 acres of natural land now known as Cannongate Nature Preserve. The property is in Coweta County, GA. It will forever remain natural and be beneficial to the… Continue Reading “Cannongate Nature Preserve created following donation of natural land to STPAL”