Talking Rock Nature Preserve – State of the Park Report

The following is a quick summary of STPAL’s primary park building project  – Talking Rock Nature Preserve as well as the most up to date trail map.

They are split into 3 groups based on STPAL’s commitment to providing low-impact outdoor recreation, environmental stewardship, and educational opportunities for the local community.


  • Completed
    • Eight Miles of multi-use trails for mountain biking and hiking completed
    • Three geocaches hidden around park
    • Several community rides on the trails
    • On-site map detailing trail system
    • Bike repair station/pump at the current parking lot
  • In Process
    • An additional four miles of multi-use trails
    • An additional parking lot
    • Bike racks near trailheads
    • More trail maps near trailheads
  • Aspirational
    • Disc golf course
    • Downhill track
    • Pump track
    • Additional geocaches
    • Small local races
    • Cast iron grills


  • Completed
    • The land is perpetually conserved
    • Trails were built sustainably
    • Butterfly and Bat houses
  • In process
    • Chimney swift tower
    • Planting native plants near the apiary
    • Planting native plants at Jon’s Corner
  • Aspirational
    • Become Pollinator Habitat certified by Environmental Education Alliance
    • Become Wildlife Sanctuary certified by Atlanta Audubon Society


  • Completed
    • Three message boards across the preserve
    • Apiary with a partnered beekeeper training program
    • Field study site for Reinhardt biology department
  • In process
    • Chimney swift tower
    • Wildlife education signage
  • Aspirational
    • Elementary school field trips to the preserve
    • Additional signage on the history of the land

12.17.18 TRNP Test Map 2-1


2 Comments on “Talking Rock Nature Preserve – State of the Park Report

  1. We were out there today, and the trails look great! You guys are doing a great job!


    • Thanks! The park is still being built. We are excited about how it has turned out too. The trail builders have done a great job!


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